About Us

Welcome to Jimmy's Goldfish's official website.
I am Jimmy, the owner of Jimmy's Goldfish. I would like to share some of the background and history behind my Fancy Goldfish keeping, breeding, and as well as retailing.
I started keeping Fancy Goldfish for several years as a hobbyist just like everyone else. The more I keep them, watch them grow and learn about them, the more I become fond of them .

The love for this species continously grew in me, and I was so happy that a lot of my friends and people around were also having the same interest and excitement when they saw my well taken care of and well groomed Goldies.I finally established Jimmy's Golfish in 2015 in my beloved motherland, Vietnam, and it was mind-blowing that I got so much love and support from the community and everyone who was into fish keeping.With my greatest confidence, I would say that I have never stopped learning about Fancy Golfish. I have made several trips to Thailand and Indonesia, as one of the biggest and most reputed Fancies Importers in the world, to discuss with fish farm's owners and to look for the best source of GoldiesMy lovely family and I came to reside in Nebraska in 2016. I then started working a job which I was not really happy with, but I had no other choice due to the need of family support and language barrier.As we are all aware of, the pandemic has negatively impacted a lot of people all around the world, and I was in no exception. I lost my job and stayed home taking care of my 2 kids. However, the Fishlord has blessed me so much that I was able to deliver a lot of beautiful and healthy Goldies to clients from Facebook where I first tried the market here in the U.S while staying at home. Once again, my little retail is filled with of love and support from everyone. As a result, this website is born to make it more convenient for my lovely clients and allow myself more time as I am working on bigger projects expanding my business.
From the bottom of my fishy heart, I cannot thank you guys enough. Thank you for considering and always supporting my retail. Thank you for letting me live my dream and continuously be able to do what I love.

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