Jimmy's Prime Reward & VIP Customer Status

Introducing Prime Rewards: Your Pathway to Exceptional Benefits

Welcome to Jimmy Goldfish's Prime Rewards program – the ultimate way to elevate your shopping experience and unlock a realm of exclusive benefits tailored just for you. As a loyal customer, you deserve nothing but the best, and Prime Rewards is here to ensure that every purchase you make is not only rewarding but also unforgettable.

 Ways to earn 

  • Sign up: When you sign up new account, you're going to automatically get 50 points, plus with 12% Off for your first order
  • Birthday Reward: We will celebrate your birthday by giving you 50 points on your birthday, all you need to do is just let us know when is your birthday, by clicking on "Prime Launcher" => "Ways to earn" => "Birthday Reward" => Set your date of birth and click "Save Date"
  • Place an order: With every dollar ($) you spent, you will get 1 point

 Ways to redeem  

  • Amount Discount: Every 100 points you own, you will get 5$ discount 

 Referral Program 

  • Now you can easily give your friends or your family a 5$ OFF Coupon through our Referral Program and whenever they make a purchase with this coupon, you can automatically get your 5$ OFF Coupon

The reward points are only deducted directly from the value of the order, not from shipping costs or any other additional charges

    At Jimmy Goldfish, we believe that loyalty deserves to be celebrated. Join Prime Rewards today and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled benefits, where every purchase is not only rewarding but also an opportunity to indulge in the extraordinary. Start your journey towards endless perks and privileges – because you deserve nothing less than prime treatment.

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