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Kenta High Growth 180g ( Sinking Pellet ) 1mm

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Special selected for fancy goldfish

Suggested by Goldfish Keepers

Product description

Product Overview

Experience the incredible effects of Kenta High Growth Goldfish Food, designed to promote enhanced body and head growth. Every 150g pack of sinking pellets is packed with high protein to stimulate body and head growth, regardless of whether the fish have head genes or not. Coupled with essential fatty acids, Omega-3, and multivitamins to bolster metabolism and digestive stimulation, Kenta High Growth is an ideal main source of nutrition for your goldfish.


This food is expertly formulated to boost the growth of your goldfish. It contains high protein that promotes body and nuchal (head) growth, alongside an enticing flavor to entice even the pickiest of fish. The smaller pellet size ensures easy consumption even for fish with smaller mouths.

Expected Result

Kenta High Growth Goldfish Food ensures speedy and healthy growth in goldfish. Its high-protein content, alongside essential fatty acids and Omega-3, contributes to a well-rounded, balanced diet that supports rapid body and head growth. Additionally, multivitamins in this formula help to improve metabolism and stimulate digestion, fostering a healthier and more vibrant fish.

Feeding guide

For optimal results, feed your goldfish with Kenta High Growth 2-3 times per day, offering as much as they can consume within 5 minutes. Always remove any uneaten food to maintain a clean and healthy tank environment.


Kenta High Growth boasts a blend of quality ingredients including Fish meal, Krill, Squid liver powder, Wheat flour, Soybean meal, Fish oil, Calcium D-pantothenate, Multivitamin Ginger powder, Calcium, Probiotic, and Minerals. These components create a fragrantly tasty flavor that encourages even the pickiest fish to eat faster and return for more.

Nutritional Composition

CRUDE PROTEIN - - - - 50% (Min)

CRUDE FAT - - - - - - - 5% (Min)

CRUDE FIBER - - - - - - 5% (Max)

MOISTURE - - - - - - - 10% (Max)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jordan Stephenson
Good Stuff

Fish seem to enjoy it plus the packaging is banger.

Llywellyn Rochfort

Kenta High Growth 180g ( Sinking Pellet ) 1mm

Susan Cross
Good food

Fish relish this food but my jar of the food was finely ground.

Eduardo Anonuevo

Fast shipping. My Goldie’s loves their new food

Margaret Hilton
Great company

Delivered fast great goldfish food

Kenta High Growth 180g ( Sinking Pellet ) 1mm

$16.00 USD