Super High Quality Goldfish Food


This food is created to prevent goldfish from having gas in their digestive tract .

The gas that will cause an imbalance to the fish, making the head drop, raising the tail up, causing the fish to have a hard time swimming downward. Äfter using Kenta” goldfish food, the goldfish waste will come our long and full Sometimes capturing air bubbles along With it pulling out the gas from the digestive tract, Kenta is created to be the main source of food for goldfish and contains multi-vitamin to boost metabolism , it can be mixed with other fooda containing high protein, to make it a well balanced meal. The main Ingredient for -Kenta is organic calcium to strengthen fins and tails, and to stimulare intestine movement .

Feeding guide

*For mixing with other food brands: Mix 30% and feed daily .

-For straight Kenta for goldfish food: Feed Stricky Kenta 3 to 5 feedings per week .

Ingredient White fish meat.

Krill, Spirulina, Wheat germ Dried yeast, Wheat gluten, Lecithin, Protease Multivitâmin, Stable vitamin C. Ginger power Calcium.Probiotic and Mineral .

Nutritional Composition

CRUDE PROTEIN - - 33%(min)

CRUDE FAT - - - - - 5% (min)

CRUDE FIBER - - - - 9% (max)

MOISTURE - - - - - - 9%(max)